Our services are backed-up by accurate monitoring to ensure each fumigation is a success. Hand-held gas detection monitors, specifically calibrated for ethyl formate and nitrogen ensure lethal concentrations of gas are maintained throughout each fumigation.

On-farm silo fumigations

We use Fume8 technology to provide fast, one-day, on-farm treatments for quick-turnover marketing of insect free grain. We can also provide advice and technical support in the use of generated nitrogen for controlled atmosphere treatments.

Containerised cargo & freight (non-QPS)

We apply Fume8 technology to containerised cargo and freight to ensure it’s pest free and ready for transport into sensitive environments.

Accredited fumigation training

We have partnered with Farm Information Services (a registered training organisation) to provide accredited training for fumigators that meets the Western Australian Health (Pesticides) Regulations 2011.

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