NEWREN is a Western Australian-based company established in 2015. We are committed to the development and use of effective, environmentally responsible technologies for the control of insect pests in grain, horticultural produce, and general cargo.

NEWREN is an exclusive licensee of UBL Fume8 technology, the most advanced ethyl formate and nitrogen application system in the world.

NEWREN is also experienced in the use of generated nitrogen for controlled atmosphere treatments. Nitrogen can be used on all grain types without leaving a chemical residue, it has no withholding period, and maintains harvest quality, including colour and fatty acids. It is particularly suitable for high-value niche commodities where quality and appearance must be maintained, or as a long-term storage option for those seeking higher market prices for their grain.


James Newman, Director

I have worked in the Post Harvest Biosecurity Laboratory at Murdoch University since 2009. During this time I have been actively involved in the research and development of advanced fumigation techniques for stored grain and horticultural products. I adapted thermosiphon and ground level phosphine application systems for large on-farm silos; tested and demonstrated the use of generated nitrogen for controlled atmosphere grain treatments; and developed a fumigation system to control eucalyptus weevils in apple consignments, reopening exports into the United Kingdom.

My interest in the grains and fumigation industry grew from my father’s 30 years in the industry as a grain storage specialist. Chris Newman is well known as an advocate for sealed storages and correct use of phosphine for effective fumigation and prevention of insect resistance.